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Hearing Services at Sound Care Audiology

Our services and products include:

  • Professional hearing evaluations (for medical, legal, occupational, educational, or hearing aid purposes)
  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Hearing aid repair and accessories
  • Custom earplugs for noise protection, including musician's earplugs
  • Custom earplugs for water protection
  • Custom earpieces for Bluetooth or standard headsets, mp3 players, police radios, and teleprompters
  • Custom musician’s in-ear monitors

Specialty Services

Hearing aids are medical devices, not retail commodities! Of the 7 practices within 2 miles, only one is a healthcare provider—a doctor of audiology with 36 years of experience. Only one always uses real-ear measurement verification, the gold-standard in hearing aid programming. Head south and go for the gold!

Real ear measurement with speech mapping is the initial fitting method we use. It involves using a very thin probe microphone tube to measure the sound levels in the ear canal with the hearing aids in place. The hearing aids are then adjusted until the power levels at each pitch match soft, average, and loud targets based on the hearing loss, so that speech audibility can be maximized. The settings are further fine-tuned based on your comfort levels and comments on the day of fitting and at follow-up visits.

We also help those who need assistance with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) by doing some counseling and fitting hearing aids with tinnitus sound generators.

Tinnitus Relief device

Our Private Label Hearing Aid Batteries

Recommended by Phonak and Signia/Siemens and manufactured by Varta Microbattery (who also sell these batteries under the PowerOne label), they have a reputation within the hearing aid industry as a top quality, long life battery.

They are only available from offices where hearing aids are fit. We are able to offer these batteries at a very competitive price--$5.00 per package of 6. This is a real value compared to brands found at local pharmacies and discount stores. They fit right in with our "high quality, best value" philosophy. Don't pay more, get more!

We also have PowerOne rechargeable batteries for the Signia/Siemens rechargeable product line (they also work for Rexton and Miracle Ear). With Signia/Siemens' hassle-free eCharger, you only have to replace your hearing aid batteries about once a year. The charger dries and refreshes the aids overnight.

Follow-Up Care and Hearing Aid Maintenance

Most retail hearing aid centers bundle the cost of providing follow-up care for the estimated 5-year life of the hearing aids into the product price. That means you pay a lot up front for care you may never use. We separate out follow-up care from the product price, charging separately for important professional services, during the selection, fitting and post-fitting adjustment process in the first 30 days. We offer follow-up Sound Care plans from 90 days to three years but recommend at least the one-year plan for new hearing aid users with an option to renew annually or use the "a la carte" pay-per-procedure option after that. Routine cleaning and checkups are recommended every six months, plus annual electroacoustic analysis of the hearing aids.

If you need assistance in between checkups, we can help you troubleshoot product issues over the phone or can often get you in quickly. Some hearing aids now have smart phone apps that let you contact us to request settings changes. We can send changes to the app for you to upload to the hearing aids.

Hearing aid cleaning

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