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We're celebrating 10 years in business! We are proud to offer the best hearing healthcare to Terre Haute for over a decade!

About Sound Care Audiology

Founded in 2008, Sound Care Audiology, Inc. is an independent audiology practice that focuses on diagnostic testing and evidence-based hearing aid dispensing. It features the professional services of audiologist Sheryl Boatz, Au.D., FAAA (Doctor of Audiology; Fellow, American Academy of Audiology). Dr. Boatz is the most experienced hearing expert in Terre Haute and this part of the Wabash Valley. The practice's current goal is to fully implement all of the "best practices" guidelines for hearing aid dispensing that were developed by the American Academy of Audiology, a unique focus among Terre Haute providers. This includes using real-ear measurement during every hearing aid fitting.

Sound Care Audiology was a Tribune Star Reader's Choice 2017 nominee for Best Place to Buy Hearing Aids in Terre Haute!

Our focus: "Professional hearing evaluation, high quality, best value products—with an emphasis on care."

Our advice: "For true professional hearing care, ask for an audiologist!"

Meet the Audiologist
Sheryl Boatz

"I had the most comprehensive testing I have ever had, and the upgraded hearing aids that we settled on were 100% more effective than my old ones. The difference was remarkable. I would recommend Sound Care to anyone, and I have already done so."

~ James R., West Terre Haute, IN

"I could not understand the speaker at Rotary meetings, could not enjoy church services, and had difficulty understanding my grandchildren. Sound Care Audiology solved all of these problems, and I would certainly recommend them! I believe the owner of this business is very concerned about providing an excellent service and wishes to make her patients satisfied."

~ R.S., Illinois

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Free automated pure tone threshold screening to determine the degree of hearing loss, if any.

* further testing is required to determine the proper course of treatment

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